GGA GRAPHICS Graphic Design Service

GGA GRAPHICS offers an affordable graphic design service. We design logos, brochures, signs, packaging and more.

GGA GRAPHICS has been offering a graphic design service to companies all over Australia for over 30 years. So whether you are based in Ayr, Townsville, Brisbane, Queensland or anywhere else in Australia, let GGA GRAPHICS create your new logo, brand, brochure, signage and packaging. Contact Linda on 0407 753 600 today.

GGA GRAPHICS Logo and Branding Design Service!

GGA GRAPHICS is an affordable graphic design service that brings all the pieces of the puzzle together so your business has a memorable and strong logo and brand.

Need a new logo or brand overhaul for your business?

Then GGA GRAPHICS can help. Good logo design is important as it is the first impression that a customer has of your business. Your logo is used on your website, Facebook page, business card, in fact, everywhere, so it needs to be memorable and appealing. Your brand brings everything together. It covers your website design, social media image, email marketing, business cards, brochures, flyers and signage. When someone sees something, they immediately recognise it as being part of who your are.

What does your logo and brand say about your business?

Your logo gives an instant visual impression of your business so it is vital to have a good one. It must be recognisable but simple. Look at Apple, Nike and McDonalds. They are kept simple with the use of strong colours. In a nutshell, your logo should be kept simple, be able to be read at any size, work well on screen or print and have a reversible version so it works on light and dark backgrounds and still be recognisable. We look at what colours work best for your type of business and what typeface conveys the right message.

So what makes a good logo design for your business?

Simple and Clear - Just remember, less is more.
Memorable and Distinctive - One that stands out in the crowd without being too fussy.
Timeless and Trendless - Don’t make it trendy, you want it to last to build loyalty and trust.
Versatile and Effective - It’s got to look good on your website and business card.
Appropriate and Relevant - It has to accurately represent what your business is about.



Logos and Branding Designed by GGA GRAPHICS

GGA GRAPHICS Brochure and Flyer Design Service!

It really is true, the printed brochure is not dead yet. In this digital era, it is still important to consider having printed material as part of your marketing arsenal. GGA Graphics has been designing brochures for all types of businesses, all over Australia, for over 30 years. So no matter where your are based or what type of business you have, contact GGA Graphics today for a good, well designed brochure or flyer.

A well designed brochure helps to promote your brand!

A professionally designed and printed brochure or flyer can be more effective than its digital counterpart as it is an immediate and effective marketing tool. When you meet a prospective customer face to face, if you can hand over a well designed brochure that showcases your business, services or products, then the customer can immediately see what your business has to offer. If you didn’t have some form of printed material to remind them of your business, then they probably wouldn’t bother or remember to look at your website after the meeting. Brochures and flyers are an excellent tool that can lead to sales.

GGA GRAPHICS asks what the purpose of your brochure is?

Is it to lead to a sale or maybe just offer information? This is important in getting the design of your brochure right. The cover must catch your potential customer eye. It should be simple and visually appealing with an attention-grabbing headline that makes your reader want to learn more. Add your logo and a nice, clear image and you will have a brochure that stands out in the crowd. Once opened, don’t bore the viewer with the details. Keep your copy to the point and show them what you offer clearly and precisely. Compelling copy, headlines and images that capture your readers attention is fundamental in having a great brochure.

GGA GRAPHICS gets the look and feel of your brochure right!

A good, simple layout is very effective and we use colours that reflect your brand and type of business. Light-hearted, happy businesses would use yellows and bright colours while a serious business would use blues and darker colours. We choose easy to read fonts that compliment your logo and type of business and find free, professional looking images from the web. Once you have your well designed brochure, we choose the right paper type to match your look. Glossy paper makes images stand out while matte paper is suitable for a professional business. We then source a printer near you that gives the best possible price.

So what makes a good brochure visually appealing?

A cover that grabs your potential customers attention.
Have relevant and compelling text and content.
Use colour to set the right mood for your type of business.
Choose fonts wisely - the right font and size is important.
Make sure your images are sharp, crystal clear and high res.
Keep it simple and don’t be afraid to use white space.

Brochures, Flyers and Catalogues Designed by GGA GRAPHICS

GGA GRAPHICS Billboard, Signage and Banner Design Service!

There are all types and styles of signage available to promote your business. These include billboards, signs, banners, wind flags, posters and a-frames. Whatever you use, you need to get noticed and that is where GGA GRAPHICS can help. We can design clever, easy to read signage for your business.

Billboards and Outdoor Posters!

Billboards are visual outdoor stories that need to grab a persons attention and create a memorable impression in 5 to 10 seconds. They need to be kept simple, use large, bold fonts and have contrasting colours. GGA GRAPHICS can create an effective billboard for you.

Motor Vehicle Signage!

Advertise your business every time you are on the road with a moving billboard that promotes your business. Choose from vehicle wraps, interchangeable magnetic signs, rear window signs or vehicle lettering. Let GGA GRAPHICS help you get noticed when you are out and about.

Shop and Store Front Signage!

Stand out shop signage is a must for any business with drive or walk by traffic. GGA GRAPHICS can create memorable signage that will attract customers and get your business noticed. We can organise panels to attach to various surface and vinyl stickers to attach to windows and walls.

Banners and Wind Flags!

GGA GRAPHICS designs high quality banners and wind flags that are perfect for use as a promotional tool to grab your customers attention. Place outside for added exposure to passing traffic or use indoors as an innovative marketing instrument. GGA GRAPHICS will get you noticed.

Billboard, Signs and Banners Designed by GGA GRAPHICS

GGA GRAPHICS Eye-Catching Packaging Design Service!

Eye-catching package design is essential for your product to stand out on the shelf and to create brand loyalty. Do you need packaging designed for a new product line or a refresh of your existing packaging? GGA GRAPHICS can create packaging and labels to suit any product that will be distinguishable from the competition.

Do you need packaging designed for a new product line or a refresh of your existing packaging?

GGA GRAPHICS can create packaging and labels to suit any product that will be distinguishable from the competition. We offer:
Carton Design: GGA GRAPHICS can design a great looking carton to an existing dieline or we can create a new dieline for you that suits your product shape. There are endless possibilities for your product to stand out from the crowd just by the design and shape of your carton.
Label Design: Need just a simple label or sticker for your product? No problems! GGA GRAPHICS can create one for you whatever the size or shape.
Blister Packaging Design: Designing a successful blister card involves a variety of design elements. The graphics, colour choices and shape need to convey the right feeling with shoppers and be distinctive enough to stand out on a cluttered shelf. Let GGA GRAPHICS create your blister packaging for you.

So what are the key elements to good package design that will stop customers in their tracks?

When it comes to package design, you want it to stand out from the crowd. There’s a lot of competition these days, so your want your customer to notice it straight away on the shelf. Effective and good package design is the key to get your customer to buy your product instead of the competitions. The key elements are:
Striking design by using clever, colourful graphics, bright colours and interesting layouts. Good packaging design creates an emotional response in consumers and gets them to buy.
Interesting messaging and copy that separates your product from the competition. Often the packaging is the only thing that can help you differentiate between similar products.
Differentiate from other brands by breaking the rules and being different from the competition.
Clear branding that conveys the correct message about your product and business. Be consistent with design elements.

Eye-Catching Packaging Designed by GGA GRAPHICS

Advertisement & Promotion!

Advertisement & promotional material design focuses on the important concept of brand awareness. Customers are more likely to purchase produces or services whose brands they can identify with. GGA GRAPHICS can help you keep and attract new customers through advertisements and promotional material.

Press Advertisements!

GGA GRAPHICS has experience in all forms of print advertising. Whether it be a newspaper, magazine, yellow pages or online banner, let us design you a persuasive and memorable advertisement that has eye-catching content and is easy to understand at a glance. Call Linda today on 0407 753 600 for press advertisement design.

Promotional Material!

Use your company logo to promote and advertise your business. T-shirts, caps, posters, bumper stickers, pens, mugs, fridge magnets and mouse pads are just the start. Let GGA GRAPHICS create great promotional material that will get your business noticed. We can organise anything that you may need at a great price.


Calendars and Greeting Cards!

Calendars and greeting cards are also a great way to promote your business. Let GGA GRAPHICS create customised calendars and greeting cards that will make your business even more memorable to your customers. Contact Linda today on 0407 753 600 for all your graphic design, advertising and promotional material.

Advertising and Promotional Material Designed by GGA GRAPHICS