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Wondering how to get more likes on Facebook? There is a lot of competition for those likes so you need to share truly valuable and likeable posts on your Facebook business page.

Facebook likes your posts to be fun, entertaining and educational. Facebook is an excellent tool to promote your business and you can build an audience of valuable fans that are interested in your business. See below to find out how to get more likes on Facebook.

Educate to get more likes on Facebook


Always make sure you are providing valuable content to your fans. Give them something, whether it be a good laugh or some valuable insight that will inspire them to take action. Offer free guides to download or relevant and interesting information that will educate and inform. Keep abreast of events and trends that could grab attention. Facebook and Google Trends makes it easy to see which topics are trending. Get creative.

Share to get more likes on Facebook


People are interested in a lot of things so sharing things about your industry will show your audience that you are just not SELLING, SELLING, SELLING. Keep them informed about interesting and current topics and they will love you for it. Share posts from other pages that you think are informative and interesting and will help promote your own business. Find interesting quotes from famous people and post these as well.

Enquire to get more likes on Facebook


One of the easiest and most effective ways of getting your audience to make a comment and like your page is by asking them a question as this is inviting them to make a response. If fans can relate to your question they won’t be able to help themselves from answering. Add an interesting image and you are on a winner. Ask questions like ‘What’s your...’, ‘How do you...’, ‘Do you...’, ‘Why do you...’, “Who is...’, “What are you...’.

Challenge to get more likes on Facebook


Get your fans to make a choice by getting them to choose between ‘this’ or ‘that’ or by picking a favourite. This can spark a conversation in the comments, be good fun for your fans and keep them entertained to boot. Set up a poll or competition and offer a prize. Just make sure you follow Facebook’s guidelines. Get them to click LIKE if they agree or comment if they don’t. Don’t be afraid to ask for opinions either.

Feedback to get more likes on Facebook


Delight your customers by asking for feedback - believe it or not, people just love giving feedback. Be prepared that it won’t all be positive but look at this as a way to improve your business so take note. Change your business on the input you receive from your audience and you will create customer loyalty. Make sure you respond to and address all feedback you receive. In fact, respond to any and all comments that you get.

Celebrate to get more likes on Facebook


You will never run out of ideas for posts if you celebrate the holidays. Don’t just stick to the traditional holidays but factor in those silly holidays as well to bring in some fun. You could make a post celebrating International Jazz Day by asking who loves jazz. Offer a giveaway or deal that goes along with the holiday and you are onto a winner. Add value to every post and you will spark engagement with your audience and get more likes.

Inspire to get more likes on Facebook


People are very visual and using striking images can say a thousand words. Images have proven to improve engagement with fans, especially when they tell a story or connect in an emotional way. How do you feel when you see a kitty doing something cute? Posts with images can get double the engagement of plain text posts. Choose the right image to tell your story and you will encourage responses from your audience.

Entertain to get more likes on Facebook


And the absolute best of all... inspire your audience by uploading great videos. Facebook just loves videos and give these posts preference. They even allow you to upload them directly to your page. If you are stuck and don’t have any video content, then GGA GRAPHICS can create videos just for you from static images that relate to your business. You can have a custom made video that portrays your products, services and brand.

How to get more likes on Facebook

So these tips can help get you more likes on Facebook, but remember to post when your fans are online as your posts will soon get buried in their news feed. Check out your Facebook Insights to find out when your audience is most active. Try posting at different times throughout the day to see which posts get the most interaction. Maybe you aren’t posting enough and you get lost in the endless timeline. Include a Call to Action on your posts as well. Do you want them to go to your website, make a comment, share your post? Get your audience to engage. Spend a bit of money and target the right audience by boosting your best posts. You don’t have to spend a lot. If you get stuck with ideas on what to post, go back and look at what you have done before and recycle but give it an update so it is fresh and new. Just remember, one of the most important things is to make your audience giggle. Facebook wants you to.

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